About us

Futurelab at NFER is committed to developing creative and innovative approaches to education, teaching and learning. We achieve this through a mixture of research, school development, CPD workshops, and resources.

Our legacy work covers a range of both topical and forward-thinking areas including curriculum innovation; digital literacy and participation; learning spaces; play and computer games and assessment.

Futurelab was set-up in 2001 with start-up funding from the Department for Education. Our initial remit was to capitalise on the UK’s strength in digital media and content to enhance the learning experience for school children. Early landmark projects included Savannah, MediaStage and Space Signpost.

The remit of the organisation evolved to focus on learning and teaching innovation, maintaining its specialist knowledge of digital technologies but expanding into new areas such as social justice, and digital literacy and participation, typified by projects like Enquiring Minds and Beyond Current Horizons.

In November 2011 Futurelab Education merged with the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER). NFER’s established track record for reliable and authoritative world-class research and assessment combined with Futurelab’s reputation for creativity and use of technology create a unique force for driving change in education. Coming together, the charities offer unrivalled research capacity that will benefit young people, schools and educationalists in the UK and wider afield.