Futurelab joins Whole Education

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Futurelab at NFER is pleased to announce that it has become a partner with Whole Education, joining over 20 organisations committed to providing a more rounded education for young people.

Helping schools innovate, improve and develop better opportunities for young people is at the heart of Futurelab’s mission. We have a successful track record in turning authoritative research into practical tools and strategies to help learners and teachers.  Joining Whole Education will bring us closer to schools who can benefit from Futurelab’s research, Enquiring Schools programme and CPD training.

Whole Education is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together leading education projects that demonstrate a commitment to a more rounded education for young people that:

  • Develops a range of skills, qualities and knowledge that they will need for the future
  • Makes learning more relevant and engaging for pupils, with them at the centre of their own learning, providing a mix of practical and theoretical learning
  • Recognises that learning takes places in various settings, not just the classroom, and the best schools engage the wider community in learning
You can meet members of the Futurelab team at our stand at the Whole Education 3rd Annual Conference, “Becoming World Class: What we can learn, what we can do”  in London on 21st November, 2012.   If you use the following code to sign up, you can benefit from a 15% discount on the cost of a ticket for this Conference - Futurelab15.
For more details, or to sign up to support the Whole Education movement, please visit www.wholeeducation.org